Sharleen Beaumont, Divorce Transformation Coach


Brave New Ending- strength of character, courageous, faces fear, determined, passionate, on purpose, keeps the end in mind in order to write their life story

We can’t change our past, we can let go, start fresh today and write our own Brave New Ending.  I encourage going within for answers, asking the questions that bring you closer to happiness, peace, and the ability to flourish.  Be Brave with your life! There is a world out there waiting for YOUR best self to shine!

Sharleen Beaumont is a Divorce Transformation Coach and owner of Brave New Ending. She has been helping women transition from breaking up into happier relationships, lives, and version of themselves for over 20 years. She has collaborated her education, work, field work and her own divorce experience into coaching others through the very emotional and life-altering transition of breaking up.

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You are gracious, lovely and your coaching has been a nice experience! You’re a wonderful coach!

I have such a weight off my shoulders. I have released so much and everything is easier! Thank you so much! You walked me through this process and once I gave in it was easy. You didn’t push me; if you had I think it would have been less effective. It was awesome!